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If you live within an hour of Canton, GA you may qualify to be a

guardian home for one of our amazing parents dogs.

Guardian Home Process

  1. Complete the application by clicking here.

  2. Set up a phone call with Elise (331-218-8696), to learn more and ensure it's a good fit.

  3. If it still seems like it's a good fit, send a video of the space you plan to keep your dog in when you leave home (it could be a crate, playpen, or puppy-proofed room) and the backyard where they will play and use the restroom.

  4. We'll schedule an in-person meeting with the dog(s) you are interested in becoming a guardian family for.

  5. Prepare to pick up your new dog by getting a crate/playpen, order dog food (our adults are on Kirkland Salmon & Sweet Potato formula (or you can transition to another high-quality dog food with approval), consider doggy insurance, walking needs like a collar, leash, body harness or gentle leader, chew toys, and make a new client appointment with your veterinarian (they will prescribe you the monthly heartworm prevention medication and flea & tick applications). To view some blogs with ideas on how to prepare, click here

  6. Schedule your pick-up date. I will send the vaccine records via email to you or to your vet of choice.

  7. Stay in touch and let me know when your female is in heat (bleeding and swollen vulva are the first sign). You might want to get disposable dog diapers, or machine-washable ones to keep on hand for when she starts bleeding and until you are able to drop her off at my home. Email a copy of any vaccine updates to or directly transfer to Hamby Road Animal Hospital in Alpharetta. Feel free to post photos of your pup and tag us on social media @teddypuppiesofficial 


Guardian Home FAQs

  1. What care needs should I anticipate for the dog? Monthly pregnancy-safe heartworm (Heartguard) & pregnancy-safe flea/tick medication (Bravecto), grooming every few months, daily brushing with a wire poodle brush, and annual health exams and vaccine boosters.

  2. How do I know when my female is in heat? Girls cycle every 6 to 9 months on average and you can check when you suspect she may be lightly bleeding and have a swollen vulva by taking a white paper towel and wiping her vaginal area and seeing if there is a red/brown discharge. Please note the first day of her bleeding because I need to make a vet appointment for her 1 week from this date for a reproductive health evaluation prior to breeding.

  3. Can I take my dog to the dog park or heavily populated areas? We do not advise this and definitely not when they are pregnant and more susceptible to illnesses that could harm the puppies. You will want to get them vaccines for kennel cough if you plan to be around lots of other dogs.

  4. What if I plan a vacation and want to take the dog with me? If you are going to be gone for more than a week and your female cycled more than 6 months ago, we will need her to stay within driving distance of us in case she goes into heat.

If you have any questions, please text or call Elise at 331-218-8696.

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