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Our Process

We believe in bettering the goldendoodle breed by health testing and only breeding parents clear of hundreds of breed-related diseases and with good structure and without a family history of untestable diseases (like cancer etc.). Our parents have been temperament-tested and are well socialized family pets. We guarantee our puppies' health, by providing a two-year health guarantee that you can review in our application. If you have more questions about our program, please review our Frequently Asked Questions, here.   


We socialize our puppies based on the Puppy Culture and the Empowered Breeder Curriculum. This involves early neurological stimulation (click to learn about ENS) and early scent introduction (click to learn about ESI). We invest a lot of time training each puppy individually every day. We litter box train our pups for a head start on potty training. 


We facilitate matching puppies to their forever families based on the Empowered Breeder Puppy Evaluation method when puppies reach 6 weeks of age and their unique temperaments are emerging. The puppy picking order is conducted via FaceTime or Zoom, in the order families placed deposits on the litter. As the breeder, I always reserve the right to take the first & second pick from any litter at any time. When it's your turn to pick your puppy if you aren't satisfied with your choices, you can choose to defer to the next litter and typically have a higher pick on the next litter. 


The total adoption fee is $2950 (plus Georgia state sales tax). Our normal puppy application does require the dog be spayed/neutered, if you are looking for a dog with breeding rights we have a separate Breeder Application.


Our pups go to their forever homes between 8 - 9 weeks of age. Their go-home bag includes a month of complimentary puppy insurance, a leash and collar, health records, educational resources, several toys, a blanket with mom and littermates scent, and a starter bag of pawtree puppy food (you can order more here). To learn about crate & potty training and how to prepare for your pup's arrival, click here to read our blog about Taking Your Puppy Home

To learn more about our program check out our

'Frequently Asked Questions' Guide'

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Step 1 - Complete an Application

The application is free and helps us learn more about each other so we can see if it's a good fit. Click here to apply today!

Step 2 - Schedule a Phone Interview

Within 1-2 business days of submitting your application, I will reach out to set up a phone interview to learn more about your family, answer questions, explain our process in greater detail, and see if we have a litter that meets your needs. 

Step 3 - Reserve Your Puppy

After the interview (if you're approved) you'll be matched to a litter and you'll have the opportunity to place your $500 deposit and reserve your puppy picking order. We pick when puppies are 6 weeks old and have all been temperament tested. You can learn about our current and planned litters here.

Step 4 - Watch for pupdates

The hardest part is waiting for the puppies to be born. In the meantime, you can follow us on social media. Once the pups are born we will post weekly pup-dates with photos and videos.

Puppy picking happens when the pups reach 6 weeks of age (and we temperament test each pup individually). Picking goes in the order deposits were placed on that litter and I'll reach out with some date/time options for our video call.

Puppies transition to live with their forever families at 8-9 weeks of age. Gotcha Day meetings are typically at Cherokee Veteran's Park in Canton, GA (if you need transportation options please let me know). Go-home dates and puppy-picking details will be listed on your specific litter page, here.

You can begin preparing to take your puppy home by checking out our recommended resources, here

Step 5 - Puppy Picking

Step 6 - Gotcha Day!

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