Our Teddy Puppies dog dads are available for reproductive services including live cover, side-by-side artificial insemination, or shipped chilled semen to your veterinarian. Our stud service includes 1 live cover mating, 1 side-by-side artificial insemination, or 1 collection of chilled semen. Shipping fresh chilled semen takes 24 hours to ship for a single collection, and if you want additional collections, we will need extra time. Your repro vet should progesterone test and let you know the opportune breeding time, but you will have to let me know ahead of time since I won't have access to your female's medical information. 

Our non-refundable stud fee is $1500 plus 6% Georgia state sales tax. Although this stud service is not refundable, it is transferrable to other breeding females in your program and is transferrable to any males in our program. Additional same-cycle breedings can be purchased for $1,000. Shipping costs are not included and our vet does verify sperm count prior to mailing. You can contact Hamby Road Animal Hospital for shipping quotes at 770-521-1314.


Because females' cycles can progress quicker than anticipated, we recommend you send in your payment as soon as you choose to decide to use one of our males, so we make sure we are available for you and can space out the collections to ensure the highest possible sperm count. Electronic payment is due in full 5 business days prior to performing the stud service. You can pay in-cash if performing side-by-side AI or live cover near Canton, GA, or at an agreed-upon location. A negative brucellosis test is required for live cover breedings.

We highly recommend progesterone testing your females, so the mating is performed at her optimal time but is not required. Please contact us on day 1 of your female's heat cycle, so we can adjust our schedule and be available to meet you. If you let me know the day she's entered her fertile window, we cannot guarantee availability.

We do not guarantee pregnancy and our veterinarian evaluates the quality of the semen prior to insemination or shipping. We do not guarantee or take responsibility for the genetic health of the puppies produced through this pairing. We will happily send you all parent testing upon request to aid in your decision as the responsible party to assist you in producing healthy, thriving puppies.

If you have any questions, please text or call Elise at 331-218-8696.



F1B mini goldendoodle

Deep Red

18 pounds

Henry is very smart and obedient. He loves playing fetch and greeting strangers by shaking hands with them.

Klooney 2.jpeg


F1B Mini Goldendoodle

20 pounds

Clooney is a deep red tuxedo mini goldendoodle

He's a snuggle bug and loves to play chase and go swimming.