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Doodle Grooming Basics

Updated: May 15, 2023

This is a great YouTube video that illustrates how to groom a goldendoodle.

Recommended Grooming Tools:

Before you attempt cutting your goldendoodle’s hair you need to thoroughly comb and brush with a dematting slicker comb and then bathe and blow dry your dog with a shampoo, conditioner, and detangler that prevents mats, like Cowboy Magic. If your dog is matting or has tangles, you can choose to cut their hair shorter going forward.

If you're going to be grooming your doodle frequently, it is worth investing into a good grooming table, as this will help save your back. From experience, I'd opt for a table that has a holder around the waist so they remain standing as you groom.

As you begin trimming the body, you will want to go in the direction the hair naturally grows and trim slowly in a straight line down the spine and trim down on the ribs. You’ll want to trim the sanitary areas shorter to keep them clean. You can use the trimmer without attachments (razor only) to cut the hair in the paw pads and use curved scissors to shape them. To cut the nails, I recommend using a nail grinder to decrease your chances of cutting the quick and causing bleeding, plus they’ll be less sharp. To trim the face and tail, you’ll need to use scissors like these.

To cut the face, use the curved sheers and point away from the eyes and remove the hair growing into the eyes and on the nose bridge. Use the trimmer to cut the hair under the ears and trim up the hair inside. You will also want to cut the hair that grows in the ears, and not pluck it. You can follow up by using an ear cleaner and my vet recommended this one and said it’s safe enough to use weekly. You can use the sheers to cut under their chin, be careful not to cut them because they may not hold still and you may need someone to assist you in cutting these sensitive areas. Cut around the beard with the curved sheers, cutting like a rainbow.

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