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Save Money with Affordable Vaccination, Spay/Neuter, Microchipping & Training Resources

Updated: Jul 2

If you live in Cherokee County, the animal shelter offers free microchipping for residents. Click here to learn more. If you live outside of this county, you can check what resources your county offers by calling the Cherokee County Humane Society, or most vets will implant a microchip for $15-$20 at the time of spaying/neutering.

Because microchips can only be read with a special reader, they aren't very helpful in locating a lost puppy, unless a vet or shelter picks them up. I think the best way to keep your pup safe, is by using AirTags (linked here) on their collar because then you can see where they are even as they are moving on your phone. I love waterproof holders for their collars, like these.

It is necessary to establish care with a local veterinarian to establish care and get heartworm prevention medication prescribed, but you can choose to choose a more affordable vet who doesn't charge exam fees for vaccination visits and ala carte services at places like Pet Shots Express. If you want a more affordable option as a heartworm prevention, you can order the active ingredient in Heartguard (0.1% Ivermectin for dogs), by clicking here and following their dosage instructions, here.

If you're looking to save money on grooming yourself or extending the time between grooms, check out our blog about grooming, here!

Affordable Spay/Neuter Programs in Georgia:
  • SpayGeorgia is an organization that provides low-cost spay/neuter certificates. You can reach them via email at for details. Once you have the voucher you can schedule with a vet near you who accepts these vouchers. Most vets also offer affordable vaccinations and microchipping during the spay/neuter procedure.

Spay GA Voucher Application (2)
Download PDF • 631KB

Participating Clinics Sept. 2023
Download PDF • 836KB


Affordable Training Options:
  • Boarding & Training: Tahrea Merritt in Dunwoody cell phone: 1 (404) 981-9769

  • In-person classes: Peach on a Leash - view classes here

  • Online Course with virtual training meetings: Baxter & Bella - register here with discount code TEDDYPUPPIES

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