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Planning for Parasite Management

Updated: Apr 26

No one likes to hear that their pet could—and probably will—get a parasite at some point during his/her life. Most pet owners would rather avoid the topic, but knowing the basic facts is essential because intestinal parasites can be easily diagnosed with a stool sample and when caught early, typically respond well to treatment and have no long-term consequences. Parasites are nothing to fear, but they are something that requires management. That is why at your first vet appointment (scheduled within 5 days of taking your puppy home) you will also plan to battle other common parasites which includes administering monthly flea/tick prevention, heartworm medication, etc. All of these parasites are seeking your dog as a host, and pet parents plan to prevent them.

You will be the one to introduce your puppy to the great outdoors for the very first time (we d