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Type: Mini Goldendoodle

Estimated Size: 20-25 pounds full grown

Birthday: February 16, 2023

Earliest go-home date: April 13, 2023

Temperament Recomendations: Thyme is resilient and curiously explores new environments and approaches unexpected sounds, sights, without fear or reservation. He loves to be touched and would be great with kids of any age. He is motivated and focused to work for his people and he will be a dream to train. He would make a great addition to a multi-dog household. He would make an amazing service animal, as long as his exercise needs are met. 

Service Candidate: Yes, all kinds. Note his exercise needs (medium-high energy).

Notes: Thyme is the most playful in the litter, he was playing with shoelaces and all the toys and really loved meeting familiar and new people. In the tenderhearted portion of the test, when the tester cried, he actually cried too. He is attuned to the emotions of people. 


To learn more about interpreting the temperament test results, click here!

THYME (male)

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