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Type: Medium Red Goldendoodle

Size Estimate: 35-45 lbs full-grown - (boys are typically on the larger side)

Birthday: September 2, 2023

Go-home date: after October 28, 2023

Temperament Recommendations: Mickey Mouse can get startled by sudden loud sounds, so I would recommend continuing to intentionally expose him to sounds like lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, etc. until he is at least a year old. He is not phased by new visual stimuli or being touched roughly. He is suitable for families with children of any age due to his high nerve strength/resilience. He loves other dogs and would make a great addition to a multiple-dog household. He's highly motivated and eager to please. He is a great emotional support candidate.


To learn more about interpreting the temperament test results, click here!

Mickey Mouse (male)

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