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About the Breeder, Elise

If you're interested in learning a little bit about me, my name is Elise Keropian and I have always been a dog enthusiast. As a baby, the literal first word that I spoke was the name of my black lab, Boris, and the first thing I wanted to grow up to be was... a dog! When my parents informed me that I could grow up to be anything, but NOT a dog, then I decided I wanted to be a dog babysitter. 

Fast forward a decade and my mom suddenly passed away, I was looking for some natural antidepressants and that's when I discovered mini Goldendoodles! I believe every dog is a therapy dog, some just work out of the house. When I laid eyes on my fur-baby, Henry, he captured my heart. I thought he'd be happier with a friend, so I started researching and learning about breeding best practices, and dog genetics and our little dog family just grew from there. I am incredibly blessed to have found an experienced breeder who mentored me and shared her wealth of knowledge with me. Obviously, I love what I do and I'd love to stay in touch! 

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We LOVE Goldendoodles and it's our greatest joy to share them with Atlanta and beyond! First and foremost, our parents are couch-surfing, beloved family pets who either live with us or with local families called guardian homes. We follow breeding best practices and socialize according to Puppy Culture, utilizing early neurological stimulation and temperament testing to help match families with their fur baby. All of our puppies become emotional support animals or professional snuggle buddies.

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